George Wimpey Review

Royal Drive, Hampshire

George Wimpey
Royal Drive
United Kingdom

  • Property Type:House
  • Completion Date: Jun 2008
  • Snags and Issues: ()
  • Review Date:September 9
  • Reviewer:MrSnag
  • This is how Wimpey left the carpet in the house.
  • The floor was laid nice and level.


    It was out of order how they left the house.

    The sales process was very good but that is about it. The house was due for completion in Oct08 however it was delayed until June the following year.

    The house was the last one on the development to built and it was clear they wanted it completed by end of June as that was the end of their finanical year.

    The day we completed I could not go and get the keys so arranged to collect the keys the following day which was a Saturday. However when I arrived the Site Manager had gone fishing so could not get the keys. Wimpey had the money but I could not get into the house.

    This property was another rental property and I had arranged to meet the Estate Agent that day for a rental valuation. Not much use without the keys.

    Anyway finally the Site Manager turned up a few hours later with the keys.

    Not a great start when opening the door. I was greated by workmans tools and clothing all over the kitchen. Upon going into the lounge I was met by a huge hole in the ceiling that had been badly patched up and not painted - apparently there had been a water leak.

    Upon further inspection I found human excrement marks in the toilets which the builders had used and not had it cleaned. The house was filthy absolutely filthy.

    The main problem was more of a safety issue, the floors were moving upstairs. You could push the floorboards down by about 4 inches. Any heavy items would of gone through the floorboards.

    There were things hanging off the door frames, which were actually smoke protection strips.

    The carpet was a hazard as there was not not carpet gripper between the kitchen and hallway. Not to mention the marks all over the carpets.

    I would not buy another George Wimpey house...I believe they are now called Taylor Wimpey but I would not purchase one of them either.

    Would I recommend George Wimpey? No


    No Snags Found - A Good House :-)