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Our Experience

I had the pleasure of purchasing my new build from Taylor Wimpey on Crookham Park in Church Crookham, something I will NOT be doing again. The moment I received the keys the house was falling apart. From unpainted walls to tiling falling off the roof top.

I paid a lot of money for extras in my house but they simply took no pride in fittings these. One example of this is sending a tiler to fit £3k of tiling when they've only been doing the job about a month.

The tiling in lounge, dining room and kitchen was redone 5 times and I am still a having issues with it. However they cannot replace them now as sold me discontinued stock, so they can't find matching tiling.

I got the house keys the on 23rd August 2013 but could not move in until end of September 2013 due to the amount of issues, or snags as Taylor Wimpey call them. The stupid thing is that these issue were easily prevented in the first place.

Taylor Wimpey customer service also sucks, and that really didn't help the situation at all. Once they have your money Taylor Wimpey do NOT care about their customers.

I also found that the house builder also used inferior products, but they sold them as top quality.

Carpets - for instance were sold as luxury deep pile carpets. However these deep pile luxury carpets wore out within a few months, considering I was the only person living in the house this is not quality. The underlay was sold as the best around, but was as thin as Wafer Ham.

Needless to say these carpets along with said underlay were ripped out and replaced with real top quality products. The fact I had to get a carpenter in to take over 0.5" off the door to fit new carpets shows how bad their carpets were.

Be warned you are not getting the high quality the Taylor Wimpey Sales people promise.

Issues on Completion

  • Loose and cracked roof tiling
  • Uneven tiling
  • Carpets not fitted correctly and stained
  • Radiators leaking
  • Unsecure toilets not fitted straight
  • Indoor plaster used outside
  • Chipped woodwork and doors
  • No paint on walls
  • Leaking windows
  • No cement between brickwork
  • Loose and broken roof tiling
  • Uneven loose floor tiling
  • Rotten boxing outside
  • Toilets won't stop running
  • Front door keeps warping (3rd door)
  • Creaking walls as they skimped on joists
  • Leaking windows
  • Boiler issues
  • Radiators hot despite boiler being OFF.

After telling Wimpey I do not want their tradesman in my house I got in my own tradesman at my own expense to put right the issues. Now my house is perfect and just how I wanted it, but no thanks to Wimpey.

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